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‘Ben Apple’

Quick explanation as to the name… I was given it back years ago whilst working abroad as an Entertainer in a hotel, I dropped it when I moved to Ibiza to work in a bar but ended up DJ-ing.  Fate then brought some of my ex-colleagues into the bar I was DJ-ing in…”BEN APPLE!!!” they shouted and my boss loved it, so ‘DJ Ben Apple’ was born. I DJ-ed for two summers and the name stuck.  I have given up trying to get rid and just embraced this name as my musical friend…and now I like it.

My Musical History

I have always been interested in music ever since I was little. Having a keen interest in the music charts, discovering new music and a keen love for all types of music.  I always wanted to make my own music but didn’t know where to start, I remember asking my parents for a mixing desk for Christmas but never knew what I was doing so sadly was sold a few months later. Later in life I went to work at Pontins as a Bluecoat which involved singing in shows, during my time there my confidence in my voice grew and ended up with my old little slot.   Leaving Pontins I went to work abroad as an Entertainer, boys out there were like gold dust so again, I used to sing a lot in the shows.

Came back from the sun and normal life resumed…until 2013 where I met a gentleman who ran a musical theatre company.  I missed performing and asked whether he needed another man in his company, he said yes and within a few months I was on my local theatre’s stage performing once again. Since then I have learnt to play the piano to a basic level. I can accompany my voice with some gentle piano backing and have set up ‘Piano & Chill’ gig, where I play piano and sing to some chilled numbers.  Even with all this, my yearning to make my own music had never left. After a bump in the housing market I sold my house and used some of the equity to go back to school and finally study Music Production…and that I did.

Since then I have started to compose my own electronic tracks and loving the process.

I decided that I love to make music that moves your heart or moves your feet.  I buzz of making a dance banger as much as emotionally connecting to a track via my vocal and piano…so why just do one?


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